Math in 4th Grade

One of my strengths in math is multiplication. One of my weaknesses would have to be improper fractions with mixed numbers. My most favorite thing in math is measuring protractors. My least favorite part about math is division really any division, long division, regular division. Some new things that I learned in math was long division, simplifying fractions, protractors, kinds of angles, kind of triangles, and much more. I don’t really know what  to expect in 5th grade math. I know that it probably wont be the easiest thing in the world. I know that I will have a good math teacher but i’m just  nervous about 5th grade ingeneral. I cant wait to be a 5th grader.

My Name Poem

1. My name is Makenzie.

2. The name I should be called is monkey because I like to bounce around.

3. The animal that’s inside me is a monkey because I love bananas.

4. What’s in my heart is a dove because I’m peaceful.❤️

5. The sound I love is the waves on the beach.⚓️

6. The sound I dislike is crying babies.

7. The smell I love is tanning lotion.

8. The smell I hate is rotten fish.

9.  I love to touch sand.

10. I don’t like to touch a chalkboard.

11. I love the taste of Texas Roadhouse rolls with cinnamon butter.

12. The taste I don’t like is fish.

13. Something I love to look at is the beach.

14. I don’t like to look at violence.

15. My favorite memory is Sea World.

16. My favorite thing in the whole wide world is my family.