Literary Response

These are some things of how I think the book “Out of my Mind” is realistic fiction. One way is because Melody’s condition Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy is a permanent movement disorder. “She has Cerebral Palsy, Mrs.Brooks.” Also, the book has realistic settings. Like Mrs. V’s house, Melody’s house, and the elementary school Melody goes to. “Mom made sure Penny was dressed in pretty little outfits everyday, even though she was just going next door to Mrs.V’s house. Another thing is the dialogue seems realistic, how the characters talk and communicate with each other. “I pointed to “need” on my board, then to “read”. Need/read. Need/read. I know you can read a lot of words, Melody, Mrs.V said. Those were some things of how I think the book “Out of my Mind” is realistic fiction.

Sharon Draper’s Writing

These are some things I like about Sharon Draper. In the book she uses very descriptive writing. Here are some examples, “ It was white and soft and just the right size for chubby baby fingers to pick up.” “ Bluebirds fly all over a sky with perfect white clouds. “ Her book is realistic fiction and you know this because she makes it like Melody’s condition could happen to someone in real life. Sharon Draper has good knowledge on Cerebral Palsy. Here are some sentences. “ I can’t walk. I can’t talk. I can’t feed myself or take myself to the bathroom.” “ She has Cerebral Palsy. “Those were some things I like about Sharon Draper’s writing.