Malala’s Rights

Some children are more privileged and have more advantages than others. So they think differently about school. In in the book “I AM Malala” reads a very good written story of a young girl that risks her life so she can go to school. Kids in third world countries have to fight for their right to go to school. But for kids in America, going to school is a law and is required. 

In third world countries children have to fight for their education. These children think of school as a blessing. They think of school as a blessing, because they don’t get to go to school every day, so they have to battle against the Taliban. “ To sit down in a chair and read my books with all my friends at school is my right.” Across the world kids in third world countries can’t go to school. For example, around 60 million kids aren’t in school. “ Across the world, there are millions of boys and girls who never get to go to school.” Just like you and me, they have big dream and want to grow up to a bright future.” Those were some things about children in third world countries fighting for their education.

In America going to school is required. For us school is a law and we are demanded to get an education. In Texas not going to school could get you a big fine, because they want us to have a good education for our future. We may think of school as a bad thing because we have to go to school every day, but Malala risked her life just so she could go for one. Malala spoke out about education and put her life on the line. “ I was so anxious, as I often was before interviews, but I knew this was an important opportunity to spread our message of peace and education.” Those were some things about how education is a law and is required in America.    

I think that kids in third world countries shouldn’t have to fight for their education simply because they want to go to school. But for kids in America they get their education, and get to go to school so easily. Because of Malala the world today is changed, because Malala stood up and made a difference in the world.


Making Her Voice Heard

Malala made her voice heard because she wanted to speak out about girls education, and poverty. Malala went to interviews and spoke about girls right for education. “Speaking up is the only way things will get better.” she said. Malala’s mom was her rock, she knew Malala could be brave. Around the world, 65 million girls cannot go to school. Malala spoke out about poverty as well. “We called for an end to child labor.” “We asked for help to send disabled and street children to school.” Malala wanted kids from the streets trying to provide for their families to be in school. In Pakistan 38.8% of the population lives in poverty. Those were some thing about Malala making her voice heard because she wanted poverty to stop and girls to have an education.

Girls need Education too

Education is so important to Malala because she wants to be educated and wants to be successful. Malala wants to change the world so other people can go to school as well as her. To start with, Malala could speak and protest about her rights. “ He was complaining about all the attention I’d received for speaking out about girls getting the same education as boys.” Malala wants to go to school so she spoke out and risked her life. However, Malala spoke out because she wanted to be successful. “Because it was not that long ago that I was nearly killed – simply because I was speaking out about my right to go to school.” Those were some reasons why education is so important to Malala because she wants to be successful in life and wants to be educated.  

The New Year is Coming

The clock was ticking

The scent of fire was strong

All gathered around


The heat making marshmallows golden brown

The delicious taste of s’mores

Thinking about our New Year coming

Sparkling stars in the sky


We were happy like smiley faces

Excited for the New Year to begin

It was getting closer and closer



The clock struck 12:00

And the New Year had begun

Sharon Draper’s Writing

These are some things I like about Sharon Draper. In the book she uses very descriptive writing. Here are some examples, “ It was white and soft and just the right size for chubby baby fingers to pick up.” “ Bluebirds fly all over a sky with perfect white clouds. “ Her book is realistic fiction and you know this because she makes it like Melody’s condition could happen to someone in real life. Sharon Draper has good knowledge on Cerebral Palsy. Here are some sentences. “ I can’t walk. I can’t talk. I can’t feed myself or take myself to the bathroom.” “ She has Cerebral Palsy. “Those were some things I like about Sharon Draper’s writing.