Legislative Branch Poem


Living in the state that they represent.

Elected in 6 years

Gallery of Legislature in section

It can now go before Congress after agreed.



Against or for the law/bill

Two parts of Congress

Incredible powers


Elected 2 years

Bills to be wrote



Nominate or elect


House of Representatives

The American Flag

Deciding who created the American Flag is hard because there is no proof. I think that the idea for the stars and stripes was Betsy Ross idea because it said that she is more likely to. But there are receipts too show that Francis Hopkinson created the nations first flag. In the end i think that Francis Hopkinson had the honor to create Americas first flag.

Patriot Poem

In Philadelphia he became a delegate to Continental Congress

He made a contribution to Virginia Constitution

He became a devoted patriot

War of 1812

James Madison

Orange Country Committee

He declared independence from Britain

He was with the two dozen leading

He left congress in 1783 to return to Virginia


Pearl Harbor Poem

People were sleeping and didn’t know what was happening

Event happened at 7:55

Arizona is were the memorial took place.

Reaction from United States after being bombed by Japan.

Led the United States into World War ll


Happened on December 7, 1941

Another hero was John William Finn

Remembering the event for forever and ever.

Battleships West Virginia and California were sunk.

Overly surprised of the attack.

Roosevelt said the day was ” a date which will live in imfamy.”pearl harbor