You Will Make It

Middle school can be scary, hard, and intimidating. However, it can be a good year if you do what you’re supposed to do. Here are two pieces of advice for incoming 6th graders, always have friends to help you through and always try to keep your grades up.

In middle school you will find out who your true friends are and who is going to stick by you through anything. You always need to know who your best friends are because you will have secrets that will get told, so always remember who you’re telling any of your secrets to. Be careful to always make the right decisions even if your best friend isn’t, because someone will find out and there will be consequences. So always have friends by your side because 6th grade will be a blast with them.

You may be scared to come to middle school because of your grades and you’re scared to fail. Always be careful to make the right decisions about your grades as well. Your friends may be going to the baseball fields but you know you haven’t studied for that big test tomorrow. You may want to go to the fields with your friends, but you need to stay home and study for that test. How to keep your grades up is to always do your homework. Because you will get in trouble if not, so always be prepared and ready for each day.

So do what you’re supposed to do and always have a good attitude. Always have friends to help you through and always maintain good grades. Are you ready for 6th grade?

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